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What is the BUD Mainland Plan

The “Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales, BUD” (Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales, BUD) funded by the government funded Hong Kong companies to develop their brands, upgrade their business and expand the domestic market, thereby enhancing them Overall competitiveness in the mainland market

Eligibility to apply for the BUD special fund

All non-listed Hong Kong companies (regardless of the industry) that have substantial business operations in Hong Kong and are registered in Hong Kong in accordance with the “Business Registration Ordinance” can apply; in addition, even if they already have business operations in China, they can also apply.

Funding amount of BUD special fund

The maximum cumulative funding limit for Mainland projects and FTA projects is HK$4 million, and a maximum of 20 projects can be funded. The amount is based on the 1:1 reciprocal principle (matching fund), that is, when applying for enterprise spending 500,000, the government 500,000 yuan will also be subsidized; if one applies for enterprise spending of one million yuan, the government will provide one million yuan.

The scope of funding for the BUD Special Fund Mainland Project

In the Mainland, advertisements can be posted on social platforms, popular programs, traditional media such as TV commercials, Weibo, Youku, etc., and exhibitions and promotional activities can also be set up; trademark registrations that need to be paid attention to in the Mainland can also be subsidized , So the BUD special fund project can be said to provide all-round assistance

How to apply for the BUD special fund

Submit the application form, supporting documents and Project proposal

Please leave your contact information

BUD Fund Advisor will contact you within one working day