Documents required to apply for BUD

  1. Software file of the application form (MS word format, Chinese or English version)
  2. One original copy of the application form signed by the authorized person of the applicant company and stamped by the company
  3. Other supporting documents:
  • A copy of the business registration certificate of the application company
  • A copy of the certification documents of the major shareholder of the application company
    (e.g. : Annual Return Form AR1 issued by the Companies Registry)
  • Copy of documents proving that the applicant company has substantial business operations in Hong Kong
  • Certificate that the applicant company has a direct investment relationship with business units in the Mainland File copy

BUD special fund application process

  1. Submit application
  2. Approval application
  3. Start approved project
  4. Submit progress report and annual audited accounts
  5. Complete the project
  6. Submit the final report and final audited accounts

Precautions for BUD Application

The Approval Committee will process applications in batches in March, June, September, and December every year. Generally speaking, BUD-hk consultants need 6 weeks to prepare application documents, so if companies want to apply, please pay attention to the date.

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