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The (Hong Kong BUD) advisory team has provided professional advisory services since 2016, focusing on assisting Hong Kong companies to apply for the BUD special fund (full name: special fund for brand development, upgrading and transformation, and expansion of the domestic market). Service focus, our brand is simply called Hong Kong BUD (

Our company specializes in assisting Hong Kong SMEs in applying for government funding, with a success rate of up to 90%. Our team has a wealth of professional knowledge to deal with problems, is also familiar with the requirements and procedures, and keeps abreast of the latest trends.

Our BUD special fund application consulting services include pre-application consultation, application document preparation, project plan writing, project progress management, etc.

We focus on the application of BUD special fund

We know that Hong Kong companies need to expand into different markets to survive. In order to comply with the national policy, the Hong Kong government launched the BUD optimization plan for the Mainland and the ASEAN plan. BUD-HK provides one-stop consulting services. We will cooperate with different service providers to assist applicants to find high-quality service providers, such as:

  1. bank or financing company
  2. web system and APPS (applications) Company
  3. Different technology system companies
  4. O2O advertising promotion company
  5. Video production and PR company
  6. Domestic WeChat and Xiaohongshu promotion Company
  7. Exhibition and design promotion company
  8. Local and domestic recruitment companies, etc.

We at BUD-hk meet, understand and evaluate The actual business model of the client, the formulation of budgets and the assistance of eligible companies to prepare various funding documents and plans, so that guests can obtain relevant funding faster.

Contact the BUD-hk consultant immediately (Tel: +852 6219 1703). To ensure that the application is successful, no fees will be charged if the application is unsuccessful

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